Emotional Intelligence (EQ) over Intellect (IQ) and the importance of it.


So what’s the importance of EQ and how does it compare to IQ. Well as you have seen from the video above the difference is very distinct. However, in a world filled with technological advancement, the ever-growing media and key influences from various factors, we tend to bring I.Q at the front line a lot of the time.

Further coming down to differentiating between a strong candidate and a weaker one. However surely IQ shouldn’t be the defining factor for us getting our dream job (to an extent) right? Shouldn’t the focus instead be on work ethic, key traits, being a hard worker and above all staying hungry and motivated (for change, success and difference).

Luckily for us, it can. However, the change begins with us. It starts with us making a clear distinction between these 2 types of intelligence and their individual roles within our own professional path.

For example, before brushing up on skills including numerical skills and even literacy. Think about your emotional intelligence and what feeling you will gain from the situation at hand. Further, map our your behaviours and think about what version of ‘YOU’ you are bringing to the situation and why this is. Overall its all well and good being the brightest tool in the toolbox but if you haven’t dealt with or even managed your emotions properly then you’ll find yourself witnessing a loss of concentration (within yourself) but also a loss of focus, drive and even feeling (i.e happiness).

On an end note, EQ can be categorised in the following categories:

1.Self-awareness. The ability to recognize an emotion as it “happens” is the key to your EQ.

2.Self-regulation. You often have little control over when you experience emotions.



5.Social skills

Source: Psychcentral.com [2]

A key tip is to bring in each category into various situations. Be sure to plan out each one and take deep breathes before undergoing each task. This will not only help you retain your focus levels but it will help with the longevity of your overall workflow and of course your main mindset.

In the words of Salvador Dali [3]

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”- Salvador Dali


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