About Us

New to AG? welcome, It's great to have you! We can help with whatever your startup needs to do, from strategy to branding and lots more.

Great ideas with great teams create fire, not sparks

We help companies achieve their goals with custom, industry-specific solutions. We think global and not just out of the box. And Our team structure means we take on projects of different sizes, from aspiring startups to early-stage business models. As an agency, we go for the very best chance of success and create ideas that truly matter. All of our projects and campaigns have a single overarching goal: cultivating and sustaining high-value relationships with passionate supporters of your brand.

About Process

  • 1

    1.We Discover

    Free Brainstorming session to understand your idea . Our team will review your project and provide feedback in a couple of days

  • 2

    2.We Define

    Once you are happy with the estimate, We meet your team and together we discuss your idea and how AG can help you

  • 3

    3.We Develop

    We agree on Strategic milestones. We agree on the services you would like from AG We agree on some Strategic Milestones for the future of your company

Meet The Team

We have built our team to complement yours. Diverse, driven and passionate. Sharing your story and vision for the future

Morgan Lionel
Operations Director

Every brand has a story to tell. And the most impactful stories engage, inform and surprise their fans. I help clients discover their brand’s unique identity. They then create and share stories that grow and delight their fans

Donna Preece
Head of Creatives

We are all unified in a similar vision and ethos in life, “you are your own destiny… so seize it and let’s have fun along the way”. Surround yourself with talented, fun, kind and inspiring people, and everyday is a pleasure to collaborate.”

Anjalee Ranwa
General Council

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Whether you have feedback on our products, questions about us or just want to say hello, we’re always happy to hear from you