Top Three Apps to Enhance Productivity and Focus


Productivity and Focus are key to how successful your working day functions. However, at times our productivity and focus can lack fluidity and precision. This is where helpful apps can come into play. Without further ado, below are my top three apps to enhance your productivity levels and help with focus and even organisation.

Note: All apps are available on Android/IOS markets. Some apps may vary in availability etc.

1. Headspace

The first app on my list will help you with focus and clarity. With a range of meditations in various categories such as Emotions, Stress, Anxiety, Happiness and more. This app is certainly varied and impactful with leading advice, walkthroughs etc. It’s one app which should definitely be on your lists as it will help you with taking a step back from stressful situations. Also helping you to assess the situation more analytically and even aid you in your working day by boosting your engagement levels and helping you stay more energised throughout the day.

2. AnyDo

My second app includes ‘AnyDo’. If you are someone who loves to keep a schedule at hand, likes to organise and even prioritise meetings then this app is fit for you. However, if you are just starting to keep virtual planners on your phone and using your phone as your organiser then AnyDo can also prove beneficial as a starter app too. With a clear fluid system, easy to navigate around and useful tutorial tips AnyDo will bring even more structure to your working day.

3. Foraday

Finally, the last app on my list is ‘Foraday’. This app, in particular, will help you schedule in your own personalised sessions for focus. For example, you’ll be able to pinpoint how long you’ll need for each task whilst also scheduling in meetups, rest breaks and more. Further giving yourself a time out time as you’ll receive notifications throughout when your time is coming to an end for each task with your phone unlocking thereafter. Thus this app is certainly great for scheduling, organising and even for technology breaks if you feel that you may get too distracted by social networking apps and need a break to cancel all out for a while in order to focus purely on the task(s) at hand.

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