4 books to read to increase productivity within your professional journey

Productivity is an integral part of a person’s success. This is because the more productive we are, the more our focus growths and our own professional growth starts to flourish.

Below are 4 must-reads which can aid productivity whilst pushing you further to reach your desired job goal, trait, milestone/possible promotion. In short, all four books provide in-depth action steps, expert advice, easily digestible information and above all real-life success stories and action situations.

Book 1: “The Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice” by Todd Henry

If you are looking to refine and grow your creativity then this book is certainly for you. Inspired by Todd Henry’s podcast ‘The Accidental Creative’ shows you how to develop your creativity within the workplace to the best of your abilities. Offering you direct advice, action tips and more. A highlight of this book includes its ability to help you problem solve when dealing with creativity blocks whilst also providing you with direct workable solutions that you can put into motion right away.

Book 2: Flying Without a Net: Turn Fear of Change into Fuel for Success” by Thomas J. DeLong

The second book on my list focuses on job security and comfortability. Which will help you turn moments of doubt and even fear into success (through assistance, time and apt aid). A highlight of this book includes its steps to help you be inspired by a change in order to remove doubt, further bringing up your motivation levels and even self-confidence in dealing with external problems regarding your performance that you may have (with clarity, precision and time).

Book 3: “The Business Devotional” by Lillian Hayes Martin

Book number three on my list is exactly what it suggests in the title. As it focuses on your devotion to the business itself. This is especially useful for yearly inspirational, helping character development, motivation, planning and much more. It’s a book which provides you with daily inspiration through quotes and sayings by famous people who have worked for their success through time, hard work, dedication and even patience. It’s one which works as a rescue guide in aiding your professional journey. Further offering you inspirational on a daily basis throughout the year. This one is definitely for everyone, as it’s one no working professional should live without.

Book 4: “The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right” by Atul Gawande

Finally, my last book on the list works as an ‘action book’.Whilst very similar to the other books listed above, this book, in particular, helps put into motion your very own personalised checklist with aim, objectives and even action steps that are best suited for you. What is interesting about this book is that it uses surgeons own experience to help working professionals visualise their own journey through a particular case study. Overall it gives employees the chance to create their own checklist with all the required tools (as specified within the book itself). This will certainly aid you in your organisation and even in your planning.  Considering it will help you work on yourself professionally in the most unique and structured way.

Top Three Apps to Enhance Productivity and Focus


Productivity and Focus are key to how successful your working day functions. However, at times our productivity and focus can lack fluidity and precision. This is where helpful apps can come into play. Without further ado, below are my top three apps to enhance your productivity levels and help with focus and even organisation.

Note: All apps are available on Android/IOS markets. Some apps may vary in availability etc.

1. Headspace

The first app on my list will help you with focus and clarity. With a range of meditations in various categories such as Emotions, Stress, Anxiety, Happiness and more. This app is certainly varied and impactful with leading advice, walkthroughs etc. It’s one app which should definitely be on your lists as it will help you with taking a step back from stressful situations. Also helping you to assess the situation more analytically and even aid you in your working day by boosting your engagement levels and helping you stay more energised throughout the day.

2. AnyDo

My second app includes ‘AnyDo’. If you are someone who loves to keep a schedule at hand, likes to organise and even prioritise meetings then this app is fit for you. However, if you are just starting to keep virtual planners on your phone and using your phone as your organiser then AnyDo can also prove beneficial as a starter app too. With a clear fluid system, easy to navigate around and useful tutorial tips AnyDo will bring even more structure to your working day.

3. Foraday

Finally, the last app on my list is ‘Foraday’. This app, in particular, will help you schedule in your own personalised sessions for focus. For example, you’ll be able to pinpoint how long you’ll need for each task whilst also scheduling in meetups, rest breaks and more. Further giving yourself a time out time as you’ll receive notifications throughout when your time is coming to an end for each task with your phone unlocking thereafter. Thus this app is certainly great for scheduling, organising and even for technology breaks if you feel that you may get too distracted by social networking apps and need a break to cancel all out for a while in order to focus purely on the task(s) at hand.

Top Three Online Magazines to Subscribe too now

Online magazines are certainly a great way to keep up to date with current affairs, latest trends, rising stars and many other areas relating to the business world. With engaging content and various insights/interviews each online magazine (listed below) is definitely essential for any working professional who is interested in keeping up to date and staying in the loop with all things business. Thus be sure to subscribe to the magazines below if you haven’t already. Or why not view each magazine separately online, in order for each to give you a taste of what they are about/types of content they include on a daily basis etc.

1. Entrepreneur Magazine (available online with exclusive video content and galleries)

The first magazine on my list is definitely one that should be on your reading lists. With embedded videos, articles and podcasts on its online site, ‘Entrepreneur Magazine’ will sure keep you in the loop and engage you throughout on a daily basis offering key insights, inspiration, advice and more.

2. Forbes Magazine (available online)

Whilst very well known to many, Forbes Magazine is certainly essential to any working professional the most. This is because of its status within the magazine world and its ability to incorporate facts with images in a very engaging and intuitive way. Further boasting ease of access on its online website whilst also providing a fluid navigation system making it easy for readers to filter through main topics, subjects, categories and more adding to engagement and interest too.

3. The Economist (available online)

Last but not least ‘The Economist’ is very basic in its interface but extremely packed with content. Ranging from topics all around the world to those that are happening around you (in your own country). ‘The Economist’ is direct, straight talking and easily digestible. Further boosted by an easily accessible print version too, this magazine will sure enough meet your needs in terms of business facts, technology developments, investment charts, currency news and much more riveting content which is sure to keep you up to date and ready to start a professional and insightful discussion with those around you aiding engagement, knowledge and the development of your own mind.

Happy Reading/Subscribing!