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10 Methods to Adopt in Order to Be Highly Successful At Your New Job

  1. Act as if you are still being interviewed As soon as you are hired its very easy to fall into your…

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7 things to do in the first week of a new job

1. Go above and beyond in introducing yourself You’re probably thinking that you’ll embarrass yourself every step of the way. But the more…

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8 Things You’ll Experience When You Start A New Job

Which you can relate to at some point or another.   Before starting a new job it's normal to feel very anxious and…

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7 things no one tells you when you start a new job.

Join the team Be sure to get stuck in right away. Why not start off with some icebreakers, learning some quick facts about…

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Is This The 3 Secrets To Getting A Job Interview? (told from the viewpoint of ‘Friends’)

Although many may say cover letters are extinct, they certainly help in giving the company you are applying to a key insight into…

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Napoleons 12 Steps to Success

Looking to be inspired? Searching for 12 reasons on success? Look no further as we give you Napolean Hills (self-help author) 12 steps…

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12 Tips for Jobless Grads on Surviving the ‘Basement’ Phase.

If you’re a recent graduate, the feeling of not having a job will surely overcome you. However there are steps which you can…

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How to maintain your morale and cope with rejection when unemployed

Being unemployed for a few months or even weeks may bring down your morale, but its important to keep it up even if…

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5 questions Graduates need to ask for their graduate role

  It’s expected that the interviewee must always be on the receiving end of any question. Thus have to make sure they are…

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