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Basquiat Picasso’s top motivational videos (in the spotlight)

Basquiat Picasso is a motivational speaker and influencer. Having done many motivational videos on relatable topics, life situations and more. According to his Youtube channel, his bio reads as the following:

"If you have a dream or goal, some motivation will lead you in the right direction. This channel is full of inspirational and motivational videos, and the video library will only increase. Motivating people motivates me. It's time to stop making excuses, and time to make solutions."- Basquiat Picasso [1]

1. "Be tougher than your life is" [2]

2. "What do you want to be remembered for?" [3] 

3. "Would You Follow You?" [4]


Overall, Basquiat Picasso's videos are highly motivating, focused and refined. Each of his videos are well researched, planned and pitched. They are extremely engrossing and mentally stimulating. Picasso's eye in understanding motivation and focus is very commendable as he has alot of experience behind him. To end, be sure to checkout Basquiat Picasso's channel as he'll be sure to motivate you and even inspire you on your professional working journey. 


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