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Three ways to maintain focus in your working day

 Maintaining focus can prove tricky if you don't know effective ways to manage and enhance your own focus. Further balancing focus with equal time for yourself and sufficient breaks. Thus below are three ways to maintain focus in a professional working day.

Are there any ways which really help you? Why not comment below and share your ways with like minded individuals. Further aiding all in their journey of balancing focus in their respective working days. 

1. Differentiate what you need to get done immediately to those tasks you can leave till the next day.

By differentiating what needs to be done when and the duration of it, you'll be able to control your time in the way that best suits you. Further helping you tick, re-assign or re-allocate each task which you may be able to complete the next day. Giving you more than enough time to complete those tasks which require your attention immediately. 

2. Schedule in '0 phone time'

For many this will prove tricky at first. However by keeping your phone on silent or turning off your wi-fi (so that you don't browse). You'll find yourself harnessing your focus in a more solid fashion as oppose to spending to long on one task due to being distracted by your phone and social media. Therefore remember to schedule in "0 phone time`' to help you keep on track. 

3. Finally work in 30 minute/1 hour chunks. Further assessing your progress after each hour productively. 

This will help you to balance each task. Further helping you keep track of each completed task and what you need to do next (alongside sufficient breaks). Also aiding your time management skills and prolonging your focus levels for the better.

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