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One Simple EQ Hack to Improve Your Interactions

Emotional Intelligence. We all know it’s important. After all, we’re constantly inundated with articles and books telling us how EQ is more important than IQ. Yet, no one actually tells us how we can implement EQ in our everyday lives.

We have no idea what practical steps we can actively take to improve our Emotional Intelligence right now.

To that end, here is one very simple yet effective EQ framework that will change the way you approach any interaction for the better.

W.I.N.E. is an acronym that stands for Wants, Interests, Needs, and Expectations. In any interaction, regarding any issue, every person has W.I.N.E. If we want to win, and effectively engage with people - whether its classmates or interviewers - we need to consider that person’s W.I.N.E. Let me give you an example.

Let’s consider this very moment. Right now, as you read this article, you have your own W.I.N.E.

You have certain wants, perhaps to get a job or an internship. You have interests, whether it is a particular industry, or overall self-development. You have needs, which could be that you require job listings to see what positions are open for application, or general advice on how to proceed as you find a job. And you have expectations: You expect to get value out of this article that will aid you in your journey.

To properly provide you with meaningful value, I would need to consider your W.I.N.E. as I write this blog. I need to tailor my message, content, and style to best suit your requirements.

On the face of it, it might seem like common sense. Yet, how many of us actually actively do this? Did you consider the expectations of the hiring manager when you submitted your last application? Did you account for the wants and interests of the interviewer when you attended your previous interview?

We all perceive the world around us from our own eyes. Whether it’s crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, or attending an interview for a job you really want, it’s always about you. Your wants. Your desires. Your expectations.

Yet, if we take a step back and think, everyone does this. Everyone views the world from their own eyes, looking at their own wants, their own desires, and their own expectations. When we make the effort to analyse a person’s W.I.N.E., and engage empathy when approaching every scenario to view life through the lens of the person we are interacting with, we can shape our approach and maximise the benefit for all involved.

So the next time you are sending a job application or attending an interview, take a few minutes and ask yourself a few simple questions.

Do I know this person’s W.I.N.E.?
Can I do more research/talk to someone to attain more information on this individual's W.I.N.E.?
How can I tailor my message and communication to take advantage of the W.I.N.E. of this person?

Good luck!

Guest Article written by:

Joel John

Joel A. John is the VP of Client Solutions at Centre for Creative Thinking, a people-centred Learning & Development Agency based in Asia-Pacific. You can reach him at joel@creativityasia.com, or visit creativityasia.com to find out more about his organisation and the impact they create.

Instagram: @creativityasia

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