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5 essential methods new Graduates should adopt

Being a graduate can be exciting/nerve racking to say the least. It's a time of change, new opportunities and new experiences. However with change comes alot of doubt and even drawbacks. For example upon graduating you may find that the real world certainly isn't what you may have expected it to be upon finishing university. In terms of finding a job, securing it and even taking away the 'student stigma' which you may find is still apparent in todays world. Fret not, as I guide you through a mini checklist to settle your doubts and offer you new ways of progressing through your new professional route upon finishing one of the most life changing moments of your life known as university.

Good Luck!

Create a mini checklist

This will aid you in writing down what you need to get done on a weekly basis. For example you may find that you need to do extensive work on your CV for your first week and then market and distribute your CV the following week etc. One tip with checklists is to make sure that you don't overwhelm yourself with too many tasks. Therefore list tasks down with priority stickers (by numbering/colour coding). This will help you to keep track of what you are doing each week and what you are getting done. Aiding you in time management, organisation and even development as you'll be putting together a productive scheduling system that works for you.

Keep your digital profile up to date

Update your professional profile (digital presence) on a daily basis. Further filtering out new opportunities and even applying for jobs through LinkedIn's fast and effective job search engine. Further establishing your profile as one which is well put together, distinct, organised and fluid. Also make sure to list all your skills and traits so that you can be endorsed by others on how much experience you have with each one, adding to recognition etc.

Put yourself out there (i.e Volunteering, Community work etc.)

This particular role is important to undergo/do as you'll not only be giving back to your community but you'll also be enhancing your people skills. Further adding to your confidence and time management skills. Whilst also giving you extra stuff to add to your CV.

Work on collaborations with others (course/expertise depending)

Working on collaborations can be expertise/course specific. For example if you have graduated with a performing arts degree or a similar subject within a creative field, then working on projects with others can aid you in adding to your own showreel. Whilst also keeping up to date with all your skills. For example, staying up to date with adobe creative suite, filming, writing scripts and more. However if you have finished with a non creative degree then your collaborations will be much different.This may involve shadowing one of your contacts within their respective job role (upon receiving permission) or even visiting local places that specialise in your field to see how everyone works and communicates with each other. Giving you a taste of real world working experience in an environment you'll mostly likely be in very soon. 

Finally keep a progress journal

Last but not least keeping a progress journal will help you record your professional journey straight out of university. This will aid you in keeping track of accomplishments, new skills/traits you may have acquired to jobs that you have applied for (and even been turned down for). Its important that you reflect on every detail as it will aid you in the long run and help you to look back positively on how far you have come and what areas of your self professionally you have worked on since. If writing down isn't something you are use to doing then why not keep a mini record at hand or record memo notes straight onto your phone. Any way works just as well as long as you are reflecting and keeping note of your professional journey every step of the way. 

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