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3 pieces of fast advice from Ken Robinson


Sir Kenneth Robinson is a British author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education and arts bodies.[1]

1. Have Passion

- Key Takeaways from video: 

  • Understand your passions
  • Find your hobbies and pursuits which challenge you. Further refining your skills and practising whats interests you the most on a daily passion. Remember to grow your passion every step of the way.

2. Always Educate the Heart and Mind

- Key Takeaways from video:

- The importance of education leads to knowledge and understanding

- Opens us up to different cultures, values and the educational systems of other countries.

- Helps us to develop compassion and kindness through knowledge. Further opening up our eyes to different views, beliefs and ideologies. Thus making us more open to change, difference and evolution (of the heart and mind). 

3. Understand the process of creativity and if it can be taught.

- Key Takeaways from video:

  • Is there a true method with creativity?
  • How can the process of creativity affect each individual in the long run.
  • Can creativity be formulated and re-distributed?
  • Is creativity specifically tailored to the individual or can it be rolled out to many at one given time?
  • How is creativity changing in todays day and age? And how do our own life experiences affect our overall creativity levels etc.


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