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2 Ways to have clarity of mind (increasing focus)

Having clarity of the mind is very important. This is because it can affect how productive your day actually is. Further differentiating a good day from a not so good one. As clarity can lead to improved decision making, prolonged focus, and extensive emotional intelligence. Due to your brain getting sufficient rest and breaks through out the day. Allowing it to recharge and refresh with every new task change, scheduled break and even social meeting.

1. Be Mindful

Firstly, being mindful is an integral part of having clarity of the mind. This is because you are almost pausing and evaluating each breathe/decision with time. Thus allowing yourself sufficient space to gather your thoughts together and recharge. Being mindful can range from slow inhales and exhales, moments of focus, meditation and also reflecting on a situation in a calmer fashion.

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2. Stick to a schedule (focus on your main priorities first)

Finally, sticking to a schedule definitely is vital for clarity. This is because you'll find that once you get your main priorities of your list, you'll have time for everything else. However to do this you have to have a proper schedule in place that you respect and will abide by. Further treating your schedule as apt aid in telling you what needs to be done, how long it will take to be done all the way down to its completion date. 

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End note

Overall 'clarity of the mind' is something which should be respected, understood and implemented with sufficient aid, tools and space. Thus by following the steps above and even following some processes you may already have in place. You'll find that gaining 'clarity of the mind' will aid you in your professional working journey by making you more sharp, focused and also motivated.

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